What Is Cellulite Anyway?

Cellulite – it is certainly not on the top of anyone’s favorite topic of conversation list. Particularly when otherwise it is unaffectionately referred to as hail damage, orange peel skin and hail damage.

There is good reason why folks shudder at the term cellulite and the other expressive versions by which the unsightly skin condition is known – because the biggest share of women has it and all of them want to get rid of cellulite.

By the same token, it is of no use to berate yourself simply because you find yourself in the vast majority of  adult females who own a few pockets of those darling dimples. If there is big take away it is simply the fact of learning to accept your physique the way it is and acknowledge the beauty of it for all it does for you every minute of the day to keep you vibrant and humming along.

The breaking news of the day is that you can reduce if not get rid of cellulite all together! With a little drive and will power you can alter your physique to become leaner and firmer to combat and reduce cellulite. Let me share with you what cellulite actually is all about, the reasons why you have encountered the condition and offer some solutions to effectively reduce the presence of cellulite. No longer do you to need to feel short shorts and bikini stigma any longer!

What is cellulite Anyway?Cellulite 2

Cellulite is the word to describe deposits of fat cells just below the skin, generally in the lower pelvic region and abdomen – we are talking about the thighs and butt primarily.

There are a variety of reasons why cellulite begins to take hold on your bod, including poor diet, lifestyle choices, hormonal reasons, age and genetics.

The one common denominator in cellulite formation in all of these factors is the build-up over time of toxicity in your body.

Ponder this: the majority of folks over time have been consuming refined sugars and salts, processed starches, packaged foods, chemicals, cooked animal proteins, pesticides and preservatives. And that covers only what you have eaten.

In addition to that, give consideration to the pollutants and environmental chemicals outside in your environment and in your home that you have encountered over time.  Top this off with many of us also drank and took drugs (even pharmaceuticals) smoked for months or years.

That adds up to a heck of a load of toxins which your bod cannot eradicate totally while we continue the pattern of consuming poor quality foods while not paying attention to eliminating this accumulation.

And there in a nutshell is the reason why cellulite is so prevalent in our culture.